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​Thank you to all of our healthy fresh Chinese food fans out  there who found WUJI to be a great way to enjoy a modern clean version of our favorite comfort food.
 We have elected to close and retool the brand in our quest for the ultimate Chinese food experience.
Please stay tuned for updates on when we will reappear.
 Ho Ho May! 



WUJI Food Ain’t Nuthin to F@$k With

January 30th - OmNomCT

WUJI: A Far Cry From the Chop Suey Palace

December 7th - Resident

A Fresh Approach To Chinese Food

November 8th - CT Bites

As beautiful as the restaurant is, the food is the star of the show. WUJI's concept is a fresh take on Chinese cuisine, with organic chicken, pasture raised pork, grass fed beef, wild caught fish, cage-free eggs and organic vegetables. Only the purest and most natural ingredients are used. 

Fork This Radio with IntoxiKate

November 3rd - WGCH Radio Greenwich

Tune in! Jody Pennette dishes with Kate Schlientz about WUJI, Jody's recently released book "Idiot's Guides: Starting and Running a Restaurant", and more...

Chinese Food 2.0—Scarsdale's WUJI Plans To Reinvigorate The Modern Family Chinese Restaurant

October 24th - Westchester Magazine

Family-style dining here means no TV.

Scarsdale's Wuji offers Chinese dine-in (and takeout, too)

September 25th - Wag

Wuji is where grown-ups can feed their Chinese cravings in a classy setting. The space is modern and beautiful; the dishes, fresh and semi-guilt free.

Scarsdale's WUJI Restaurant Delivers A Farm-to-Wok Dining Experience

September 18th - Daily Voice

Central ingredients include organic chicken, pasture raised pork, grass fed beef, wild caught fish, cage-free chicken eggs, and organic vegetables.

Woohoo for Wuji: Farm-to-Wok Chinese Food Comes to Scarsdale Village

September 7th - Scarsdale10583.com

The food is delicious.


September 4th - Foodette Reviews

Wuji has perfected fried rice. I don’t care if you’re taking a helicopter in from Midtown or the Metro North from Norwalk, get thee to Scarsdale and get your hands on this rice.

Farm-to-Wok at WUJI Restaurant in Scarsdale

August 24th - IntoxiKate

IntoxiKate Favorite Alert: I couldn’t get enough of the sweet white shrimp sautéed with ginger, garlic, chilies, and cashews.​